This site is a place to document the solutions for the random problems and errors I encounter when I write code or learn new technologies. For most of the topics listed below, I created the article only after completing an extensive Internet search for a solution, but couldn't find one, before finally figuring it out myself. The site contains 16 articles spread across 2 pages; this is page #2.


  • Ionic HTTP Failure Unknown Error

    I’m working on a simple Ionic app I built as an example to publish publicly; it’s a simple weather app that uses the OpenWeather API to display current conditions and forecast. The app runs great in the browser, but when you execute it on an Android Device, when the app connects to the Weather API, it immediately returns the following error:

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  • Unexpected token '='

    In a web app I’ve been working on, when I ran the application on an iOS device or Safari on macOS, A configuration panel built into the application didn’t do anything when I tapped on the Gear icon to open it. When I looked at the console, I saw the following error:

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  • Install PWA from Folder

    I’m working on a project which includes a web app with a service worker and a webmanifest file (a progressive Web App (PWA)). For this particular app, I wanted the app hosted from a subfolder on a public domain I have running. By tweaking the scope and start_url properties in the project’s .webmanifest file, I was in some cases not able to install it and, in other cases, could install it, but the app wouldn’t open to the right page when I double-clicked the installed app icon.

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  • Installation failed with message Invalid File

    Occasionally, when launching an Ionic 4 Capacitor application on an Android device, Android Studio gives me the following error:

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  • Too many padding sections on bottom border

    While learning how to create 9-patch files for an Ionic app in Android Studio using Creating a Dynamic/Adaptable Splash Screen for Capacitor (Android), I finished my work and kicked off a build to run the app in an emulator. During the build process, I encountered the following error:

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  • Ionic `disable_input_output_paths`

    I was testing an Ionic application in Xcode yesterday when I received the following error message during the Build process:

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