This site is a place where I document the solutions for the random problems and errors I encounter when writing code or learning new technologies. For most of the topics listed below, I created the article only after completing an extensive Internet search for a solution, but couldn't find one, before finally figuring it out myself. The site currently has 26 posts.

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ESP32 and the Adafruit Music Maker FeatherWing, posted October 21, 2023

I added the Music Maker FeatherWing to a ESP32 Feather V2 device and I’m following the instructions in the tutorial to run the feather_player sample sketch. I put some music files on the memory card, inserted it in the memory card holder then changed the file names in the sketch so it plays the sound files I have on the memory card.

ESP32 Task Watchdog Got Triggered, posted August 15, 2023

After sorting out how to deploy code to an ESP32 device that runs different code on each processor core, I set about building out my application. As soon as I added my project's code to one of the cores, the device started rebooting again when it ran the code and generated the following error message:

ESP32 Threading Panic, posted August 12, 2023

I built several projects on the ESP32 platform over the last few years; I recently published an update to my Glowing Pumpkin project. The project basically randomly flashes some LEDs with the intention that you put it inside a carved pumpkin and it does cool light effects inside the pumpkin. I wanted to build a version that used web application to control which color displays on the device so I set about learning how to run two processes on the processor, one that handles the LED stuff and the other that runs a web server accepting color requests from a remote device like a smartphone or tabled.

Eleventy Not A Supported Mime Type, posted July 9, 2023

I was working on a Eleventy Plugin starter project yesterday and when I built the sample site and opened it in the browser, Chrome gave me a bunch of errors related to hosting site assets:

Problem writing Eleventy templates, posted July 7, 2023

There is an error I see in Eleventy periodically when I'm either working in a new site or working (coding) a plugin. The problem occurs when I execute the eleventy command to generate the site. Here's the full error block:

Eleventy grey-matter engine not registered error, posted May 17, 2023

I use a npm package I created called Eleventy-New-Post to create new posts for my Eleventy sites. It saves me the work of copying a post file in the project folder then emptying it before adding the new content for the post. It also automates selecting a category for the post from an automatically generated list of all categories used by the site.

Eleventy Last Post Date Using Liquid, posted April 25, 2023

While migrating my personal blog to Eleventy, I decided to add a statistics page to the site. As part of that, I wanted to add the publish dates for the first and last posts on the site. Getting the first post date was easy:

Eleventy Pagination Before Callback Not Working, posted April 16, 2023

I've been trying to figure out how to easily build a categories page for this site that lists all categories including the number of posts per category (easily done in Eleventy) and a separate page for each category with pagination when the article list is greater than 20 posts.

Netlify Eleventy Build Failure, posted April 3, 2023

I am in the process of migrating my existing site hosted on FatCow to Eleventy hosted on Netlify and while I work on the site, I setup my domain so it points to the work in progress site.

Eleventy Posts Not Sorting Correctly, posted March 11, 2023

I recently switched this site to Eleventy and I noticed that my posts weren't sorting correctly on the home page. I want them sorted in reverse chronological order, but the site did the opposite.