This site is a place to document the solutions for the random problems and errors I encounter when I write code or learn new technologies. For most of the topics listed below, I created the article only after completing an extensive Internet search for a solution, but couldn't find one, before finally figuring it out myself. The site contains 16 articles spread across 2 pages; this is page #1.


  • WordPress Category Menu Page Not Found

    I recently updated one of my WordPress Sites and noticed that my site’s News menu didn’t display any articles. I poked around at my site’s posts and didn’t notice anything wrong with them, they were all set with the right category.

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  • Adafruit Feather Huzzah32 with the ePaper FeatherWing

    I’m a huge fan of Adafruit’s projects, especially the Feather series of microcontrollers and associated FeatherWings (add-on boards). The format is so popular that Particle (another one of my favorite hardware companies) even adopted the footprint for their latest hardware.

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  • Ionic "Pipe not found"

    I’m building a web app using Ionic and needed a Pipe to transform some data for the app. I’m implementing a CSV file import process and I wanted to display each CSV row as a comma separated list after I’d imported all of it into a JSON object. My goal was to display the list for the user to make sure that the CSV Parsing process worked correctly before completing the import.

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  • Google Domains "Record Already in Use"

    I’m working a lot lately in Firebase and when trying to setup Firebase Hosting for one of my domains, Firebase showed me the following dialog:

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  • Google Domains Subdomain Configuration

    I’m working a lot lately in Firebase, and when trying to setup Firebase Hosting for one of my domains - I wrote about other issues in an earlier post. In this case, I want to setup a subdomain (for example:, Firebase showed me the following dialog:

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  • App Script Date Picker UTC

    I’m working on a project where I needed an Add-on to Google Calendar. Google Developers recently sent me an email with details about App Script, and after a little research I knew it would solve my problem. It took me a really long time to get to the point where it worked - longer than I expected and, I think, a direct result of the fact the the App Script docs omit a lot of concrete examples I needed to get started.

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  • ESP32 Electron and CORS errors

    I’m working on a project that uses an ESP32 device with an Ionic Capacitor Electron app. The ESP32 device runs a web server the Electron app talks to and with the latest version of Capacitor Electron, when the app makes an API call to the ESP32 device, it completes successfully, but Electron fires the following error:

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  • Ionic Capacitor Electron Window Configuration

    I’m working on a new app for desktop PCs; since I want to deploy to Windows and macOS, I decided not to go the native route, but instead look for an alternative approach. Since I’ve done so much Ionic development lately, and the app I want to deploy to desktops already exists in Ionic, I decided to use Ionic, Capacitor and Capacitor-Community Electron for my app.

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  • Ionic Electron Command Failed npm run electron:start

    While testing an Ionic Electron app the other day, I opened a terminal window, navigated to the Ionic project folder, then executed the following command:

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  • Flutter Connectivity Android Null Results

    While building a Flutter application that needed to access information about the system’s Wi-Fi network, I encountered the connectivity package. It looked like what I needed, and I quickly added it to my app. In testing with my application, I had connectivity working correctly, but then suddenly it stopped working. I noticed this when I switched from testing on an Android device Emulator; the app would ‘run’ but returned null for Wi-Fi network name and BSSID.

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