Eleventy Last Post Date Using Liquid

Posted: April 25, 2023 | Categories: Eleventy

While migrating my personal blog to Eleventy, I decided to add a statistics page to the site. As part of that, I wanted to add the publish dates for the first and last posts on the site. Getting the first post date was easy:

{{ collections.posts[0].date | readableDate }}

The readableDate you see there is a filter added by the eleventy-plugin-date plugin to format the date for easy reading.

Getting the last post date was tougher as I couldn't do this:

**WRONG** - Doesn't work.
{{ collections.posts[collections.posts.length - 1].date | readableDate }}

The liquid templating engine doesn't allow math that way in an array index. Instead, you must do the math in a variable assignment using the minus filter, then use the variable as the index to the last item in the posts array:

{% assign lastIndex = collections.posts.length | minus: 1 %}
{{ collections.posts[lastIndex].date | readableDate }}

Here's a complete example as a table:

{% assign lastIndex = collections.posts.length | minus: 1 %}

<td>{{ collections.posts.length }}
<td>First Post</td>
<td>{{ collections.posts[0].date | readableDate }}</td>
<td>Latest Post</td>
{{ collections.posts[lastIndex].date | readableDate }}</td>

Special thanks to chriskirknielsen for providing me with this solution on Discord.

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